We trust that the following frequently asked questions will assist with some of your queries.

Can you remove scratches?

Areas on a vehicle where paint is damaged, irrespective of how slightly, need to be repaired correctly. This involves going through the complete repair process from repair to paint and polish, ensuring that our guarantees remain in place. Sometimes, what is seen as scratches is actually paint or colour transfer sitting on top of the paint. In such cases, a qualified polish technician is able to remove the transfer quickly and cost-effectively.

Will repairing my car affect my warranty?

We are a manufacturer-approved repairer. This means we have the qualified staff, experience, and necessary equipment to carry out repairs and return in-warranty vehicles to factory specifications. Manufacturers audit us regularly, ensuring we adhere to their standards. Repair work done properly by a manufacturer-approved repairer who uses the correct parts will not affect a vehicle’s warranty.

Do you clean my car after the repair?

All vehicles receive a full wash and interior clean after repairs, irrespective of how small the repair is.

Will my vehicle be safe while on Connaught Coachworks’ premises for repairs?

We have all the necessary security measures in place to ensure vehicles kept on our premises are adequately protected. In the unlikely event that something should happen, we have comprehensive insurance coverage in place. This forms part of our agreements with manufacturers and insurance companies and is checked during every audit.

What is betterment?

This is a percentage charged to the vehicle owner by the insurance company on parts that must be replaced due to wear and tear – for example, tyres.

What are aftermarket parts?

Aftermarket parts are replacement parts that are not made by the original manufacturer. Using aftermarket parts is more cost-effective than using OEM parts.

Do you only use genuine manufacturer (OEM) parts when carrying out the repairs?

There is a lot of confusion and misinformation about what parts are fitted during the repair process. The insurance companies determine the parts – genuine/manufacturer, aftermarket or second-hand – supplied for a given repair. In-warranty vehicles are often fitted with genuine parts. Repairs to older vehicles are normally authorised with aftermarket or second-hand parts. The repairer has very little say in the matter.

What form of payment do you accept?

Payments can be made via EFT or credit card.

Do you offer any guarantees or warranties?

We offer a 3-year workmanship guarantee on all repairs.

Our paint supplier (PPG) offers a lifetime warranty on their product, which we pass on to our customers.

Do I have the right to take my vehicle to a repairer of my choice?

This is currently a contentious issue, but do not be confused by misleading advice. New guidelines came into effect on 1 July 2021, removing the blanket control of manufacturers and insurance companies to dictate where your vehicle is serviced or repaired.

These guidelines are overseen by The Competition Commission (www.compcom.co.za), one of three independent statutory bodies established in terms of the Competition Act, No. 89 of 1998 (the Act) to regulate competition between firms in the market. The Competition Commission gave guidance about the appointment of motor-body repairers by insurance companies and manufacturers, with the objective of “lowering barriers to entry and ensuring that a greater number of firms, especially firms owned and operated by historically disadvantaged individuals and small to medium enterprises have the opportunity to undertake service, maintenance and repair work of motor vehicles within the period covered by a motor vehicle’s warranty.” For insurance companies, this revolves around a fair appointment and work allocation process. Similar principles will be applied to the appointment of dealerships, whose criteria must be reasonable.

What is an excess payment, and to whom do I pay it?

An excess payment is the portion of the repair cost that the vehicle owner is required to pay. The terms and conditions of your insurance policy agreement will determine how much your excess payment is, and amounts vary considerably. The vehicle owner will need to settle their excess payment directly with the repairer prior to the collection of their vehicle.

Do you offer a courtesy vehicle?

Most people have rental cover built into their insurance policy, which provides a rental vehicle while theirs is in for repairs. For our clients who do not have this facility, we have a small fleet of courtesy vehicles available (at no charge) for their convenience.

Do I have to cover the cost if my vehicle needs to be towed?

Always speak to your broker or insurance company before your vehicle is towed. Insurance companies have agreements with certain towing companies, primarily centred around the maximum amount that can be charged for a tow. Should you allow your vehicle to be connected to or uplifted by a tow truck without your insurance providing authorisation, you could be charged with either the full or partial bill – possibly accumulating to thousands of rands. Thus, please follow the correct protocol.

How long will it take to repair my vehicle?

Repair time depends on the extent of the damage sustained to your vehicle. Before the repair, we will provide an approximate repair time and update you during the process so that you can plan accordingly. This forms part of our customer service-focused approach.  

In some cases, your vehicle will require some disassembly of the affected area to accurately establish the damage’s extent. It is possible for the repair to take longer if additional damage is identified.  

A general guideline: minor repairs take 5-7 working days, and major repairs up to 3 weeks.

Do I need to make a booking to come in for a quote? Do I pay for a quote?

No booking is required to bring your vehicle in for a quote. If you reach out to us, we will most likely be able to come to your home or work place for the quotation assessment.

We do not charge for insurance quotations. Third-party quotations involve a nominal charge, which is refunded if the vehicle is brought to us for the repair work.

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